What is Silk Screen Printing?

What is silk screen printing?

Silk screen printing is one of the four major printing techniques that complement and promote each other with printing methods such as lithography, gravure printing, and embossing. It is referred to as silk printing, screen printing, or silk leakage, and is also called stamping in the printing industry.


What can silk screen printing actually print? The printing range of modern silk screen printing is very wide, and has penetrated into every corner of people’s production and life. The details can be summarized as follows:


1. Business services: posters, posters, self-adhesive trademarks, certificates of conformity, signs, flags, cloth labels, banners, business cards, greeting cards, magnetic cards, signs, signs, advertising light boxes, POP signboards, hanging signs, and so on.


2. Daily necessities: toys, schoolbags, handbags, handbags, clothing, ties, gloves, shoes and hats, socks, sportswear, vests, handkerchiefs Τ T-shirts, napkins, towels, aprons, quilts, pillow covers, bed sheets, bed circumference, table cloths, curtains, door curtains, bags, sunshades, sofa towels, TV covers, air conditioning covers, convenience bags, cosmetics bottles, beverage bottles, wine bottles, tea cups, wallpaper, lacquerware, mirror plaques, and so on.


3. Industrial production: wall and floor tiles, decorative glass, ceramic decals, cloth printing, home appliance casings, computer buttons, telephone buttons, instrument panels, instrument dials, circuit boards, thick film integrated circuits, touch film switches, LCD displays, credit cards, sight charts, cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, woven bags, and so on.


4. Cultural goods: certificates of merit, banners, ribbons, theatrical brush props, Braille books and periodicals, stationery, leather book covers, cultural shirts, Spring Festival couplets, kites, lanterns, paper fans, balloons, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, decorative cloth paintings, and various tourist souvenirs.


In recent years, with the continuous application of new technologies, new equipment, and new materials in the modern silk screen printing industry, practitioners are facing a variety of screen printing businesses. From small lighters to large outdoor advertising light boxes, screen printing exhibits many visual artistic effects and special functions that cannot be achieved by offset, gravure, and embossing processes. Screen printing, with its unique advantages, fills many gaps in the field of printing, and also brings significant economic benefits to people engaged in screen printing.


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